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We love to hear your feedback. Let us know how you enjoyed your adventure on the Rotorua white water by using the Raftabout Sledgeabout Guestbook.

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  1. Kelly O'Keefe says:

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Beautiful scenery, great staff (very sexy guide) and a fantastic time had by all. Thank you so much! Raftabout is the highlight of our trip to NZ so far!! Highly recommended.

  2. Jason Maybe says:

    What an adventure! Had such an awesome time. The 7m waterfall was an adrenaline blast in the raft! The scenery was nice, although we were having way too much fun to notice most of it. Make sure you check out Raftabout if you’re in Rotorua as it could be one of the best things you do one your holiday! Certainly one of the most memorable.

  3. WorldAdventurer_7 says:

    Really enjoyed the rafting and sledging option. Cool, nice owner. Great experience and good deal for doing both sports in one day.

  4. mcnally64 says:

    The guides of Raftabout were great fun and kept up a banter throughout. For the thrilling experience this trip is great value for money. As soon as it was over I wanted to do it all again!

  5. Krister Robinson says:

    Rafting in Rotorua is a definite ‘must’! It is one of my all time favourite kiwi experiences, head on down there and get amongst nature with a full whack of whiter water adrenaline.

  6. Nick Morgan says:

    hey hey there Stevo and co. Greetings from the land of the mighty Franklin!!
    Probebly a long shot but i thought I’d try it now I’m home…it’s Nick from Hobart here, if you remember me, sweet. Just wanted to give you and your family + friends + company a big THANKYOU for creating one of the most memorable days of my trip and to let you know I rekon your one top guy!!
    You guys provided everything expected from a tourist company and more, what sticks in my mind was when we waited for that group of folks coming from auckland for the day, apologising to the rest of us even though we all understood.
    It really ended up being one of the highlights of my trip i’ve told many people about back home!
    Be safe but sain!!!!

    peace, Nick

  7. Abel says:

    It was a great adventure!

  8. Joao Almeida says:

    I’ve been doing rafting in Brazil and Canada before and this was the most amazing rafting that I’ve been on!

  9. Don Ho says:

    Dear Kylee Stevens,

    We would most definitely recommend your company Raftabout and Sledgeabout , http://www.raftabout to all our families, friends and anyone looking for a great adventure. Our group had the time of our lives on one of your excursions.
    We felt very comfortable with the guides who led the rafts. It turns out a couple of them were transplant Americans-now we understand why they chose their new life style. The river was lush with tropical flora forming a canopy over the water. Drifting down the river was like a journey back into time with tree ferns and palms giving a prehistoric flavor to the surroundings. The water was clear, cool, but reasonably comfortable, which was important, as we got plenty wet.
    Careful attention was provided by our guides to afford safety for everyone onboard. Detailed instructions were given to cover any adverse accidents. The guides were patient even with the novice rafters. Most important, they were having a good time themselves, which was contagious to everybody on the trip.
    I was disappointed that I could not bring my cameras along-but I can understand why now. But not to worry, the professional photographers took amazing action photos documenting each step of the trip. The sequence of photos going down Tutea Falls was particularly awesome. Trust me, no one else could have gotten such detailed, sharp pictures. For the future rafters, be sure to purchase the CD of your trip, it’s an outstanding value.
    The photographer is to be commended for a tremendous job. We have had great times sharing these photos with our friends, relatives, and even strangers. It is wonderful to be able to relive the experience over and over again through these photos.


    Don Ho
    San Francisco, California

  10. Brian K. Hom says:

    I would like to recommended people to use Raftabout & Sledgeabout www., for their white water raft trip. It was FUN and exciting; in a beautiful location on the Kaituna River and will now serve as a wonderful lifetime memory for all six of us.

    When I arranged this excursion, I did not know that it was rated a grade 5 experience for this portion of the Kaituna River. There were six of us, my friend and his 23 year old daughter and three of her friends. I would be lying if we were not scared and concerned, since some of us never had been on a white water raft trip before. They provided helmets, booties, fleeces, and buoyancy jackets, all the safety equipment needed. The people were wonderful, great instructors and provided wonderful safety training and we were on our way. So with new confidence in our river guides, we were ready to have FUN!

    We went down 3 waterfalls and 14 rapids, with the largest waterfall being Tutea Falls, a 7 meter drop without flipping over. We all got wonderfully wet. Our experiences were captured by the company photographers with over 45 pictures. What fun we all had! My friend’s daughter told her parents that she did not know that her Dad knew how to have fun and now has been given a totally different prospective of her Dad. We will be talking about this for a long time to come – not only with the people who took the raft trip, but also to all of our other friends and family. In fact, many people in our travel group who did not go on the raft trip wished they did base on the pictures taken. These pictures are now being shared with many other friends. It should be noted that we had a problem with the DVD when we returned home and needed to contact the Raftabout Company to see if we could get a replacement disk. They were extremely responsive and willing to send another disk. We received another disk quickly. We were very happy to receive the new disk which enabled us to share this once in a lifetime real life experience with our friends.

    We will recommend Raftabout & Sledgeabout to every one of our friends who go to New Zealand. We recommend this rafting company to anyone who wants to have a fond memory of a truly remarkable experience for which they will remember for years to come.



  11. Maria says:

    Dear Kylee,

    We were a group of 16 friends and families who were vacationing together in Australia/New Zealand via the Princess Cruise in February. Most of us were a bit intimidated by the description but six of us chose an excursion with your company Raftabout & Sledgeabout. Frankly, we were a bit nervous for our two “older” guys, but all that faded when we saw how excited they were after the rafting excursion. It was indeed a life experience for all of them and continued to be the topic of conversation throughout and after the trip. My daughter and husband were among the rafters and their excursion together was definitely the highlight of their entire vacation.
    We were very glad they have the photos to share with the rest of us. Having seen them, many of us feel we’ve missed out and we’re up to the challenge…next trip! The scenery was beautiful, the guides working hard but seemingly having a great time, the rafters laughing, and the water is definitely white.
    Not only did the rafters have a great experience, but the rest of us feel their thrill and the excitement of it all. Thank you for giving them an experience to remember and more importantly, many thanks for helping us get the replacement CD so quickly!

    Warmest regards,


  12. grhluna says:

    Splendid nature & wonderfull experience!
    Looking forward for a next visit.

  13. Lucy says:

    Hey guys, Lucy from Crank here.
    Just to add to ALL the good feedback you get.
    I had an unforgettable time on your tour… although I nearly cried at the thought of going on the 7m waterfall, im glad you helped me to concur it 😀
    I was so scared and copletely forgot how to swim, but you still managed to make it fun for the rest of the group and keep me smiling.
    thanks and keep up the good work.

  14. Jaap Postma says:

    Hey guys

    I did your White Water rafting in November 2008 and March 2011. It was more then a great experience. These are things you’ll never forget. We like to thank you and all the members of your crew for this great day were you come very close to pure nature. With a great sense of humour the skippers are leading us through this trip. We return to New Zealand probably in 2013 or 2014 (for my 4th visit) to your beautiful country. Great change I’ll take my 3th drop from the Tutea Falls then. It is such a fun ……. and thanks again for the beautiful pictures and video your organisation makes of this experience. I told everyone about it on my New Zealand Travel-site.

    Jaap Postma and Karin van Houten
    Drachten, The Netherlands

  15. Jon Bullent says:

    Brilliant morning today, made the trip back to Auckland all the more bearable (not for the wives) who had to listen to me go on all the way back. Good humorous instruction, felt safe right the way throughout whilst pushing the boundaries for a thrill. Would definitely recommend to anyone wishing for some excitement.

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