Raftabout Crew

Here at Raftabout we pride ourselves in our quality equipment, professionalism and our personal and friendly attention. The safety and enjoyment of our clients is our highest priority and will not be compromised under any circumstances.

If you are planning to visit Rotorua and are looking for beautiful New Zealand scenery and an unforgettable adventure with a bit of adrenalin thrown in, then you’ll want to choose Raftabout white water rafting. We have been in the business of navigating Rotorua’s white water rapids for over 12 years and still love every minute of it! And you’re going to love it too, we guarantee it.

We are super proud of our Raftabout team. Our guides are some of the best out there.

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Come and meet our team...

  • Steve McNab

    Steve McNab - Owner, Guide, Nice Guy

    Steve and his partner Kylee bought Raftabout way back in 2002. Steve is passionate about white water rafting and sledging and the Rotorua area. Steve manages to run the company, get out on the water and also be an awesome dad to his 3 boys.

  • Adam Portland

    Adam Portland - Rafting & Sledging Guide, Safety Nut

    Wicked sense of humour and surprisingly smart. He has worked as a rafting guide for the last 6 years and has traveled all over the globe. Adam was voted “most likely to appear in the Guinness Book of Records” when he left school...we’re all still waiting to see what record he will smash!

  • Brad Lauder

    Brad Lauder - Rafting & Sledging Guide, Ladies Man

    Originally from France, Brad joined our Raftabout team in 2006. He’s a guru when it comes to white water rafting and never loses his cool. In fact he is an all round smooth guy. His accent and good looks make him very popular indeed with the ladies.

  • Nick Thompson

    Nick Thompson - Photographer, Ex Party Animal

    Nick hides behind boulders and trees that line the river banks and pops out to the surprise of those rafting to capture some of the best action photos you’ll ever see. He was recently married to the lovely Vanessa.

  • Ross Cornelius

    Ross Cornelius - Rafting & Sledging Guide, Hopeless Gambler

    At home on the river, Ross loves nothing more that when he gets the chance to go rafting. He also loves mountain biking and snowboarding. Ross dreams of marrying a super model and retiring at age 40.

  • Dave Earl

    Dave Earl - Rafting & Sledging Guide, Mr Popular

    Everyone loves Dave. He is a great guy and also an excellent guide. He has been known to tell the odd tall story, especially when it comes to fishing. Dave can often be found reading really huge books with big words.

  • Jason Birchall

    Jason Birchall - Rafting & Sledging Guide, Crazy Jase

    Jase is a local boy. He loves dancing to bad 80s music and is a talented lawn tennis player. Jason is one of our stables here at Raftabout and loves any type of adrenalin hit he can get!